What Is The #1 Secret To Making Facebook Ads Profitable?

Our Company Is A Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional &  Planning Professional

Get My In-House Facebook Ads SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)!

The Overview:

To scale up my Facebook ad campaign, I have created a SOP (standard operating procedure).

With this SOP in place, I just need to pass my blueprint to my team member to run my Facebook ads.  

My in-house Facebook ads SOP can be YOURS today!

You will be on the right path because it’ll be VERY SPECIFIC, step-by-step and the entire SOP will be in VIDEOS for you to follow.  So with Get My SOP, you'll get the exact system that I'm currently using to make Facebook ads profitable in our company.

You see, the #1 secret to making Facebook ads profitable for our company is to use it to get targeted leads every day. 

So I’m going to focus the SOP on this evergreen objective: using Facebook to generate email leads.

Reason is, we know how to make it profitable. For our company, for every dollar we spend on the lead, we can get 71% of return! Which means, if I spend $1 to acquire a lead, I can earn back $1.71 within 30 days. 

To me, that’s a celebration because it’s ALMOST 2X of ROI. Just think – assuming you put $10,000 into a bank account. And by end of the month, the bank gives you back $17,100. How crazy is that?

Next, it’s the SAFEST WAY to advertise. If you drive ads to a salespage and it didn’t convert, you’ll be losing money on THAT day.

Lastly, sometimes, you may not have any product to sell but EVERY DAY, you can always generate leads.

With leads, you can either promote your own products or promote affiliate offers, where you can easily earn 50% commissions per sale.

Best part is, once you have the leads in your hand, you can even pause your Facebook ad campaign and focus on email marketing, where you can generate income from $0 advertising cost.

So, if I’m doing a SOP, logically it should be for something that’s evergreen. Generating leads is an evergreen marketing strategy for any online business.

This is suitable for you:
  • If you haven’t run Facebook ads yet and you want to make your life easy by following proven SOP, instead of risking your own dollars
  • ​If you are an existing Facebook advertiser and feel that my SOP can help you to systemize your ads
  • ​If you want to learn how to get leads from Facebook every day
  • ​If you have tried Facebook ads and it didn't work for you to get leads

My Company Is Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional & Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional

Our company is also certified by Facebook. So when we run ads, we will be doing it correctly.
Facebook does provide training to selective clients of them, who are Facebook advertisers. I'm one of them who has been invited, this is me at Facebook HQ in Malaysia (obviously it's in Malaysia's HQ because I live here, I won't be traveling to US just to attend a private training). 

 How To Access - Starts Today

It took me 14 days to record the classes at that time.

But you'll get access to all of the 5 classes instantly today. Once joined, you'll be given a login access to the private area to start your SOP training.

 The Cost

It’s no surprise that without Get My SOP, you could be spending another $1,000 just to test what works.

Or wasting more weeks, even months of frustration to figure out what can work. And interestingly, those wasted weeks and months would have generated additional hundreds or thousands of leads into your business, helping you to get more sales.

If you were to hire a consultant to prepare a SOP for your business, I’m not surprise it’ll easily cost you $5,000.

And if you are looking for a consultant who is a real Facebook ad expert, I doubt you can even hire one for $10,000.

The fact is, my private client paid me 25K to give him his Facebook ad's SOP.

But today, to access Get My SOP 5-module class, it’s only a one-time off affordable investment of just $99. 

To make it a no-brainer opportunity, I’ll even throw-in a 100% money back guarantee for you to succeed. Which means, if Get My SOP doesn’t work for you, I’ll return back your investment.

But in all fairness, the only rule is, you’ll take action, alright?

You need to at least publish your Facebook ad campaign and let it run for $5 to see the response. Believe it or not, this little rule will actually help you to succeed because if you take action, you’ll see results.

Also, this simple rule helps to remove those shinning object syndrome folks, who don’t take action. There’s no point training them because they’ll suck away my energy that I’ve allocated to support my other serious clients like you. 

You will also get these 3 bonuses for free:

Bonus #1: Get My SOP Checklist
At the end of each class, you’ll get a checklist to walk you through the steps. This will ensure that you will be on the right track and able to get started successfully. 

Bonus #2: Coaching for Clinic
This is a coaching session I did for my client on how to use social media and Facebook ads. But the unique part is, my client’s business is offline. It’s an aesthetic clinic and I was consulting my client on how to promote it's offline services by using Facebook. 

Bonus #3: Getting Started Training
If you are new to Facebook ads, the "Guide To Facebook Pixel" video will walk you through about setting up Facebook pixel and using it for your ads.
So hurry, grab this opportunity.

Especially, when it’s protected with a 100% money back guarantee for the next 60 days and you are also getting 3 bonuses for free.

And in case you are totally newbie to Facebook ads, don’t worry – I have a separate tutorial to show you how to get started, from the very beginning of registering a Facebook ad account.

Alright, let’s get you started, click the button to join now...

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